Elite Labs USA Extreme Massive Mass Gainer 25 lbs FREE Elite Labs USA shaker

Save ₱600

Size: 25 lbs
Flavor: Chocolate
₱3,600 ₱4,200


It doesn’t matter if you’re a skinny guy cursed with skinny genes, or your metabolism burns so fast it robs you of all your gains. Your days of busting @ss and getting no mass are done!

Introducing Extreme Massive Mass Gainer™. It’s custom built for frustrated hardgainers and comes packed with 1,270+ mass-making calories, 60 grams of high-potencyprotein, over 12.7 grams of BCAAs, 10+ grams of glutamine precursors, and 249+ grams of the perfect carbohydrate for guys like you. If you’ve put in the time and hard work but still struggle to build the extreme mass you want, this one for you!

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