Stacker Elite Protein Fusion 5lbs

Size: 5lbs
Flavor: Chocolate Fudge


It contains 0mg trans fat, 160 calories, and 28g protein.
Each 5lbs bag contains 57 servings.

A high quality protein mixture, PROTEI FUSION, was developed specifically for performance athletes who want to remain at the top of their game. This high-quality mixture contains 28 grams of protein in a 40-gram serving which is a 70% yield. In addition to this, there are also naturally occurring branch chain, essential and non-essential amino acids in each serving. Protein Fusion can be taken anytime when needed, whether it's after workout, before bed time on in between meals. Each protein source has been carefully selected to maximize digestion and absorption. These fast, medium, and slow digesting proteins will continuously provide your body with the protein it needs for hours.

Best Taken:
after workouts, during daytime, before bedtime or any time as a meal replacement.

Suggested Use: Blend, mix or shaker 1 scoop of Stacker Elite PROTEIN FUSION with 8oz of water or milk. Adjust the amount of liquid to achieve your desired taste and consistency.

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